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The FSeries TREE I.V. is  micro-infusion® system designed for injecting trees with maximum speed, accuracy, and ease. Comes with two bottle sizes and an easy fill cap, giving you both flexibility and safety on the job.

FAST – The first 120 PSI micro-injection system doubles the average uptake pressure, speeding through injections, and getting you onto the next tree.

FLEXIBLE – Choose the bottle that’s right for your job. If you’re using a formulation with a high dilution rate, grab the 1.5L bottle. If it’s a small dose, or small tree, the 650mL is all you need.

EASY FILL – The easy access port reduces exposure, keeps your lines clean during refills, and avoids the cumbersome task of removing the cap from the bottle. Not to mention it’ll extend the life of the bottle.

PRODUCTIVE – Inject your tree with 4, 5, or 6 lines at a time, or maximize output and add the included expansion set for up to 12 injection hoses, allowing you to complete large trees with just one bottle.

RELIABLE – Our Hex PDS parallel distribution system uses a central delivery tube which distributes equally to parallel injection lines, ensuring the tree receives an even dose every time. Injection systems connected in a series put more product in the first line than the last, resulting in uneven distribution.

EFFICIENT – Our new 1/4 turn ball valves give you the ultimate combination of speed and control. The lightweight design makes them easy to grab, apply, and open.

F12 Pro Kit Includes:

2 – Single FSeries Caps

2 – 1.5L high pressure bottles

2 – 650mL high pressure bottles

12 – VIPER ball valve assemblies

2 – Hex PDS manifolds

1 – FSeries connection kit

2 – FSeries stands

1 – Bucket

2 – VIPER needle clean-out tools

1 – High Pressure pump

1 – 3/8″ drill bit

1 – 9/32″ drill bit

1 – Arborplug setter

1 – Graduated cylinder & 1 Funnel

½ Liter of CLEAN-jet

1 – Training manual


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