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Awesome product

Reliant is the best kept secret. I don’t want to say too much about it, but it is one of my favorite tools when working with vascular issues or pathogens of a fungal nature. 2 thumbs up!

Wayne King


Definitely a surfactant

This mixed well with Safari

Essential for remediation

Bio-char 5M is awesome stuff for the care of stressed trees and shrubs in urban soils. Increasing water holding and nutrient capacity while boosting soil biota in the soils. It helps stressed plants cope, recover and thrive.

Arborjet Tree-Age R-10
Leonard Pridgeon
Good stuff

For injection and treatment for bark beetles it is easy to use.

Great product and service

Overall awesome experience

As advertised!

Outstanding customer service

What a treat to get such great customer service. Eric was very knowledgeable and answered my many questions. Shipping was quick. I highly recommend TIP

Carl Burdick
Best option for homeowners

Great idea but several injectors leaked around the plunger right out of the box - maybe I should lubricate before first use.

Fast shipping

Needed a bottle of Tree age r10, got it shipped out same day. Will be back again.

Mostly good

Most of the syringes worked fine but one out of five seeped the fluid past the plunger and out the back when inserted and engaged properly

Tree Tech Snipper
Deborah Hrydziuszko
Still Waiting

It’s been almost 2 weeks and still eagerly waiting. We’ll keep you posted. 🤞

Doggett 20-0-6 Arbor Liquid Fertilizer

Just received my order today and looking forward to using it soon and seeing how it works on my tree.

This product will fight fire blight

We had fire blight nearly destroy an apple tree. My research says streptomycin applied to the blossoms will stop it, however said antibiotic is only available one place. And 2 lbs is a 30 year supply for 2 trees and packaging cannot be re-sealed. If it saves our 2 trees it is worth it but how about smaller re-sealable packaging?

Tree Tech Snipper
Jeff Blackburn

Tree Tech Snipper