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6-0-0 Main Event Dry Iron Chelate

6-0-0 Main Event Dry Iron Chelate

6-0-0 Main Event Dry Iron Chelate is easily water soluble, this product utilizes chelated micronutrients which are specially formulated to correct nutrient deficiencies in soil and plant tissue through blended extended release chelation technology. Main Event Dry Iron utilizes the latest chelation technologies to: Ameliorate effects of adverse soil pH Reduce soil nutrient “Tie Up” Return plants to healthy normal appearance Reduce and correct plant tissue deficiencies Address soil nutrient interactions Non Staining to concrete, clothing and equipment Main Event micronutrients complexes have been developed through years of research evaluating various micronutrient sources, combinations of chelating technologies and application methods. Through this research we have achieved the correct end use ratios of blended chelation technologies to assure a seasonal release of all the elements. Main Event also contains a Complex Carbohydrate Matrix food source to feed and sustain soil Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae.

 Plant & Soil Nutrients – feed the plant, feed the microbes

♦ 100% Chelated – combined with citric acid for rechelating

♦ Non-Staining

♦ VAM Sustaining (feeds Mycorrhiza and other beneficials)

♦ Complex carbohydrates, surfactant system, Humic/Fulvic acid

♦ Trees, shrubs, turf, nursery and greenhouse plants

♦ 3 to 6 lbs. per 100 hundred gallons of water

♦ Soil injection and foliar applications

♦ Use 4 oz of Main Event per 2.5 gallons of water for a soil drench

♦ Tank mix with fertilizers and/or pesticides

♦ Packaged in 25lb bags or 3 lb. bags with 10 bags/case

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