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Mauget ArborFos / ArborFos HP

Mauget ArborFos / ArborFos HP

Arborfos is a phosphite formulated fungicide that inhibits fungal growth through stimulation of the plant’s own natural defense systems. Research indicates that Arborfos may also elicit a type of systemic acquired resistance response. Although it imparts no actual phosphorous nutrition, Arborfos treated trees tend to develop healthier leaves, roots and stems as it reduces disease pressure. Arborfos is registered for ornamental, forest and certain crop trees to manage many diseases including root diseases.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • University tested
  • Minimal exposure risk application method


AnthracnoseApple ScabArmilleria Root RotBacterial BlightBacterial Leaf ScorchCrab Apple ScabFire BlightPhytophthora CactorumPhytophthora CinnamomiPhytopthora PalmivoraPhytopthora RamoraPhytopthora Spp

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