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Mauget Abasol

Mauget Abasol

Abasol is one of Mauget’s combination products that combines both an insecticide and fungicide into one product for ease of application.

An Abasol™ microinjection tree care treatment combines Mauget’s Abacide 2 (abamectin) insecticide with Mauget’s patented Fungisol (debacarb) fungicide.  This simple to apply unique tree care treatment is an exclusive formulation that has been developed and offered only by Mauget to control both insects and diseases with one simple, easy to apply micro-injection saving both time and expense.

Abasol provides disease suppression of over thirty pathogens and control of many different insects.


Abasol may be used on trees with a complex of both insects and diseases, that can cause significant damage to a tree. In some cases, insects are vectors of diseases such as elm bark beetle in Dutch elm disease.

  • Two treatments in one application
  • Broad spectrum control of insects and diseases
  • University and field tested
  • Completely enclosed, minimal exposure risk application method


AphidsEastern Tent CaterpillarElm Leaf BeetleFall Web WormLeaf MinersLepidoptera InsectsNantucket Pine Tip MothsPine Wilt NematodeRugose Spiraling WhiteflySpider MitesSycamore Lace BugThripsWhiteflies


Alder Ceratocystis CankerAnthracnoseArborvitae Branch CankerBirch Melanconium DiebackBotryodiplodiaBotryosphaeria Branch CankerCedar Branch CankerCedar Coryneum BlightCephalosporium UlmiCeratocystis CankerCeratocystis DiebackCeratocystis FagacearumCeratocystis UlmiCoryneum BlightCoryneum CankerCypress Cedar Branch CankerCytospora CankerDiplodia Tip BlightDothiorellaElm DieBack, Vermicularia Elm WiltFusarium moniliformeFusarium PerniciosumFusarium SubglutinansFusarium WiltKabatinaKabatina Branch CankerMelanconium DiebackNectria CankerOak Decline ComplexOak WiltPalm Bud RotPenicillium VermoeseniPestalotia, Phialophora, PhomopsisPhomopsis CankerPhysalospora Bleeding CankerPine Atropellis CankerPine Pitch CankerPine Pitch GirdlePink Bud RotRedwood Branch CankerThielaviopsis Decline, Tubercularie, VerticicladiellaVerticillium Wilt

*It is recommended to install 1 capsule every 4-6 inches around the circumference of the tree. A quick way to determine the number of capsules needed is to divide the diameter by 2, i.e. if your diameter is 20in you will need 10 capsules.*

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