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Doggett XL 20-20-20 Soluble Fertilizer Concentrate

Doggett XL 20-20-20 Soluble Fertilizer Concentrate

XL 320 is a soluble fertilizer concentrate formulated to be dissolved in water and applied as a nutrient solution. XL 320 nutrient solution is immediately available to the roots and leaves of plants and thus provides simple and positive growth control.

Conventional Method: Applying XL 320 nutrient solution to the root area at regular intervals during the growing season. The number of gallons applied each time is equivalent to a normal watering rate.

Constant Feeding: A refinement of the conventional method which has become increasingly popular because it avoids fluctuations in available plant food levels in the soil and produces more regular development and earlier harvests. With this method small quantities of XL 320 are fed with each watering in place of periodic feedings at conventional rate.

Foliar Feeding: Appling XL 320 nutrient solution in a fine spray to the foliage either alone or in conjunction with insecticides or fungicides. Foliar feeding is particularly valuable for supplementing other types of fertilization or for promoting growth during adverse soil, moisture or temperature conditions when other means would be ineffective or uneconomical.

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