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Doggett 10-22-22 Tree Rooter

Doggett 10-22-22 Tree Rooter

TREE ROOTER is a unique formulation designed for direct application to the root ball or bare root of new plantings or transplantings to reduce shock and promote a good healthy start. The combination of organic and synthetic components of TREE ROOTER is blended specifically for maximum results in a safe localized application

• A sensible blend of organic and inorganic elements
• Slow release nitrogen for a steady supply of the most needed nutrients
• Phosphorous and potassium, the essential elements for root growth in their most available form
• Organic humic acid which improves nutrient uptake and buffers the plant
• Organic bone meal which is a good source of root promoting phosphorous and improves soil texture
• Iron, copper, manganese, and zinc essential for energy transfer

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