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DOG-PHITE 0-0-29

DOG-PHITE 0-0-29

DOG-PHITE 0-0-29 is a soluble potassium phosphite that can be used as a foliar, bark or soil application. Dog-Phite is designed to help reduce plant stress while triggering a plant’s natural defense mechanisms. It contains more active ingredients when compared to similar products on the market. These nutrients in their highly soluble form are beneficial to plant growth, crop development, crop quality, and yield when applied as a properly timed foliar spray or soil injection.

DOG-PHITE 0-0-29 will disperse in water with minimal agitation. It can be tank mixed with most pesticides. Always make a small-scale test to assure compatibility.
Follow the mixing sequence: 1. Water 2.DOG-PHITE 0-0-29 3.Pesticide or fertilizer. It is recommended to use this product with surfactants that do not lower pH. For best results, apply in early morning or late afternoon when leaf pores are open. Spray as a fine mist during periods of little dew to avoid runoff of leaf surfaces when soil injecting. Do not mix with high N fertilizers.

275gal Tote Available. Please call for pricing

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