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Bio Tree and Shrub 10-5-5

Bio Tree and Shrub 10-5-5

Bio Tree and Shrub 10-5-5

This "All-in-one" humate-based product combines primarysecondary, and micronutrients along with microbial food sources and soil conditioners to support overall tree and shrub health. Unlike most fertilizers, it does not over-stimulate plant growth. Instead it provides sustained, longer term benefits at an economical price.

Significantly improves soil porosity, allowing for deeper water penetration and better air exchange which 

  • Increases beneficial soil microbes as part of the natural food-web that builds organics within the soil profile.
  • Supports organic matter, improves water-holding capacity for better soil moisture retention, decreases water needs by as much as 30%, and thereby increases drought tolerance and stress recovery.
  • Increases quantity and activity of soil microbes, making more nutrients available and increasing nutrient uptake.
  • Accelerates cell division for healthier plant growth and improved root-mass including elongation of fibrous roots.
  • Bio-Tree & Shrub with Stress Master helps control Phytophthora, Downy Mildew and Pythium.
  • Increases production of natural fungicides (phytoalexins) providing additional organic disease controls.
  • Supplies plant growth regulators including auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, calines and many others.
  • Stimulates plant metabolism which increases vitamin and plant sugar content as well as protein levels.
  • Improves soil physical properties (loosens clay OR aggregates sandy soils) while creating “new” soil by active decomposition of rocks, minerals and organic matter.
  • Detoxifies soil pollutants, neutralizes “Black Layer” issues and helps prevent the development of “clay pans.”
  • Improves soil Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) which effectively reduces the potential of leaching.
  • Increases permeability of plant membranes, promoting nutrient uptake to help prevent/cure issues like chlorosis.
  • Stimulates and balances many physiological activities including respiration, hormonal and enzyme activity.

55gal drum 265gal Tote Available. Please call for pricing

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