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Bifenthrin XTS 2SC

Bifenthrin XTS 2SC

  • Bifen XTS is a professional-grade concentrated termiticide and insecticide that kills over 70 different types of insects, primarily termites in a fast manner.
  • This versatile product can leave a residual barrier that lasts up to 90 days.
  • Bifen XTS, manufactured by Control Solutions, is a bifenthrin emulsifiable concentrate insecticide that is designed to control termites and a variety of other insects.
  • This product kills insects instantly and leaves a residual barrier for up to 90 days.
  • This easy-to-use insecticide can be used by DIY homeowners with a hand-held pump sprayer to reach cracks and crevices and to treat smaller-sized areas.
  • Professionals can also benefit from using Bifen XTS via a skid sprayer to cover large areas or as a trench treatment for killing termites.
  • Bifen XTS kills many types of insects and can be sprayed in most outdoor areas, even on trees.
  • It is a great versatile product to have when treating wood or lawn-destroying pests.
  • Tools Needed To Spray Bifen XTS, a backpack sprayer, a hose-end sprayer, a hand-held pump sprayer, or a skid sprayer are needed.
  • When using Bifen XTS as a perimeter trenching treatment, a shovel or trenching hoe, and a wheelbarrow or bucket are needed.
  • For other treatment methods such as rodding or sub-slab injections, a drill, masonry bit, and rods are needed.
  • For cracks and crevice treatments, we recommend using the backpack sprayer or hand-held pump sprayer.
  • When large volumes need to be treated, we suggest a skid sprayer. 
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