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Arborjet Supersonic Air Knife

Arborjet Supersonic Air Knife

The Supersonic Air Knife line of handheld tools uses high pressure air to dig trenches, remove compacted soils and locate utilities. Their unique MACH 1.7 air speed allows the removal of even the most compacted soils without damaging tree roots, irrigation, or power lines. The product is also used in rescues where soils may have collapsed, and the use of construction equipment may cause injury. With new updates for 2022 to be lighter, more streamlined, and easier to use, the Supersonic Air Knife is the ultimate digging tool. The Supersonic Air Knife tools are used by service providers worldwide for:

  • Arboriculture, landscape, and irrigation
  • Utility, construction, and rescue
  • Environmental remediation, de-mining, potholing and keyholing
They are ideal for installing or repairing irrigation lines or for sensitive arborist work including, vertical mulching, bare rooting, radial trenching, and soil aeration. They may also be used to safely uncover buried electrical, gas, communication, or water lines without the risk of damaging the target. Supersonic Air Knife digging tools are complemented by high-powered air vacuum tools, which utilize the same compressor and are used to remove debris loosened by the Air Knife through a large discharge hose
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