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8-2-12 Water Soluble Palm Fertilizer

8-2-12 Water Soluble Palm Fertilizer

8-2-12  Water Soluble Palm Fertilizer

  • Doggett’s Palm 8-2-12 can be used on all palm varieties.
  • Many palm species that are not native have special fertility needs and are more susceptible to developing nutrient deficiencies and diseases.
  • Doggett’s Palm has been formulated and tested for low salts so that it will not injure palms.
  • Be sure to follow all mixing instructions carefully.
Established Palms: 
The vast majority of palms are planted in sandy soils, which have a very low cation capacity. Established palms require fertilization a minimum of twice per year, ideally four times per year. Doggett’s Palm has an ideal ratio of nitrogen to potassium, which is essential for healthy palms. Doggett’s Palm has a 10-12 week nitrogen release, which is important to maintain a continuous release of Nitrogen and reduce leaching.
Foliar Fertilization: 
Doggett’s Palm can be used as a foliar supplemental program for normal soil fertilization. Foliar applications will correct deficiencies; however, soil fertilization will provide more long-lasting results. 8-2-12 Water Soluble Palm Tree Fertilizer with Stabilized Nitrogen Technology is formulated for the professional arborist. This is an all-soluble, no-clog formulation with a stabilized Nitrogen Technology that includes Urease Inhibitors to reduce volatilization as well as Nitrification Inhibitors to prevent leaching. It contains all the necessary nutrient ingredients to promote good tree health, color, and vigor, plus bio-ingredients for healthy soil balance with a 10-12 week release.
Low Salt Index: 
The lower the salt index per unit of plant nutrient in each ingredient of the fertilizer, the less risk of crop injury in periods of drought or with localized placement of concentrated fertilizer. DOGGETT TREE FERTILIZER has a low salt index.

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