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5-30-30 Root Pusher Tree Food

5-30-30 Root Pusher Tree Food

5-30-30 Root Pusher Tree Food:
  • 5-30-30 Root Pusher Tree Food 5-30-30 ROOT PUSHER is formulated for professional arborists. Because of its high Ureaform content, it does not dissolve completely, but with strong agitation remains in suspension.
  • THE DOGGETT CORPORATION has suspended agents for rigs with poor agitation.
  • Over half of the Nitrogen is derived from Ureaform.
  • The unique Ureaform fertilizer releases its available Nitrogen over the entire growing season.
  • Any not released during the first season will carry over to the following year.
  • Ureaform is non-leaching.
  • Bacteria convert the more soluble fraction of the Nitrogen so that 1/3 is released in the first three to five weeks, the balance over 6 to 12 months.
Early spring and summer are the ideal times to fertilize trees as they have the entire growing season to develop. However, this is also the busy spraying time so it is not always possible to feed then. Late summer and fall are an excellent time to feed. We know that root growth is most vigorous into late fall and early winter and fertilizer applied during this period is very beneficial to the tree. Any fertilizer not used at this time will be available when growth begins in the spring. Since we do not wish to stimulate soft growth late in the season but wish to feed the tree for a good wintering and a strong start in the spring, low nitrogen formulas are recommended. 5-30-30 ROOT PUSHER is formulated specifically for late summer and fall use.
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