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19-0-3 All in One

19-0-3 All in One

19-0-3 All-In-One is a custom blended lawn fertilizer with food grade phosphorous and potassium, humic acids, carbohydrates, a wide range of secondary & micro nutrients, plant growth & microbial stimulators and natural soil conditioners in a formulation having low salts and chlorides levels and near neutral pH for use on all types of turf grass.

~ Plant & Soil Benefits ~ • Recharges dynamic biological equilibrium (balance) in the soil. • Improves air exchange (Natural Aeration) and soil drainage: materials work 24/7, 365 days a year, providing 100% coverage • Effectively slows release of plant nutrients, especially Nitrogen. • Naturally digests and recycles thatch - eliminates de-thatching, • Improves water-holding capacity, thus decreasing water needs • Increases protein levels in plants and acts as an organic catalyst. • Improves plant color - deeper, darker green in conjunction with N • Increases plant regulators - auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, etc. • pH buffering and accelerated Calcium Carbonate breakdown. • Improves soil physical properties of both clay or dandy soils • Detoxifies soil pollutants - neutralize “Black Layer” problems. • Improves activity and growth of beneficial soil microbiology. • Increases Phosphorus availability, especially in clay soils. • Chelates trace elements for better nutrition, especially Iron. • Increases drought tolerance and wear tolerance / recovery. • Stimulates respiration, hormonal & enzyme systems. • Improves soil Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) • Accelerates cell division for improved root-mass. • Prevention and correction of chlorosis. • Source of over 70 micro-nutrients

55Gal Drum and 265 Tote Available, Please call for pricing

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